What we do

Comprehensive and global information

We track the journey of energy from production to consumption to help our customers understand the fundamentals and financials of the market globally, and to benefit from that knowledge. The information we produce can cover all energy sources, in all geographies across every step of the energy journey. It helps our customers to minimise their risk, maximise their upside and to make better decisions.

To track the energy journey, we source data from across the planet, harnessing sources such as satellite sensors, GPS and social media. We then turn this information into insights, using an integrated system of machine learning and intelligent algorithms filtered by an expanding team of industry-leading experts and data scientists.

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Rapid access to insight

The energy sector is data rich, and it’s hard for businesses to access the information they need quickly. At Kayrros we are solving this challenge. Our combination of big data technology and sector expertise allows us to track down and analyse public and commercial data rapidly, as well as creating our own data. It means our insights are more ‘real time’ than current existing sources, whether commercial or governmental.

In addition, our comprehensive coverage makes our data stronger: every step in the journey is connected, and our understanding of one step improves our insights of another. For instance, because we know when tankers are due to arrive at a storage facility, we can provide better insights on inventory levels.

Predicting physical movements

Our information also allows our clients to predict crucial future physical movements. It is in this area that our skills in machine learning are vitally important. By deploying artificial intelligence algorithms to data that comes in from sources as diverse as traffic flows to requests for drilling permits, we are able to anticipate the likely movement and consumption of energy. And in addition to that, our analysis is typically available days in advance of anything comparable from competitors or governmental agencies.

Bringing transparency to the energy market

Kayrros is a positive agent of change in the traditional energy market. Our combination of data, machine learning and expert insight helps provide greater transparency in a sector that has traditionally been highly opaque.