Changing energy markets for good

Welcome to Kayrros

We create information that allows you to reduce your risk and make better decisions in the energy sector. Our work brings greater transparency to a market that has traditionally been opaque. Our ambition is to be the most comprehensive data provider in the energy sector.

We know energy

We are first and foremost energy experts. A genuine sector expertise ensures we focus on the data that is useful and eliminate what is just noise. We transform information into insight for our customers.

We know data

We operate at the frontier of data technology. Our teams work in real-time and harness platforms and sources as varied as satellite imagery, machine learning and publicly available reports. The way we combine and analyse these data feeds, and the speed at which we do it, creates commercial advantages for our customers.

We do things differently

We are a positive disruptor of an established and traditional market. Our approach produces benefits by challenging traditional thinking and decision making within the energy sector.

The time is now

New technologies are creating an exponential growth in data, and more of this data is being made publicly available than ever before. At Kayrros we understand this ongoing change. We know how to use a growing range of analysis tools, such as machine learning, to turn the growing volumes of data into precise insights. An opportunity now exists that never existed before: an opportunity that Kayrros is perfectly placed to help you deliver.