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Welcome to Kayrros

We’re using satellite imagery combined with other large data sets to create global insights

We understand business

Our leadership, board and advisors are made up of successful business leaders, ensuring we focus on the data that is useful and eliminate what is just noise. We transform information into insight for our customers

Weekly Insight: COVID-19 update III: China crude stocks surge amid drop in refinery runs

The coronavirus is continuing to ripple through markets, shuttering China’s industries leaving the global supply chain vulnerable to large-scale disruptions


Our solutions

We are a technology-focused data and analytics firm using unconventional data to bring new insights to the world’s biggest industries. By harnessing the power of satellite imagery, natural language processing, machine learning and advanced mathematics, we deliver actionable intelligence on virtually any asset across the globe, in near real-time, for better decision-making


The time is now

New technologies are creating an exponential growth in data, and more of this data is being made publicly available than ever before. At Kayrros we understand this ongoing change. We know how to use a growing range of analysis tools, such as machine learning, to turn the growing volumes of data into precise insights. An opportunity now exists that never existed before: an opportunity that Kayrros is perfectly placed to help you deliver