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Inside Kayrros: The Hackathon

Just seven hours to put innovative ideas to the test under the rue La Fayette On August 28, following “la rentrée” (the return) from

Inside Kayrros: Manager Oscar Friedel on alternative problem-solving with data fusion

Tailoring ideas into digital realities. What if human imagination and alternative data could work in tandem? Oscar Friedel leads the development of Kayrros solutions,

Inside Kayrros: Data Scientist Vincent Chabot talks NLP and the fast-paced tech core of the company

“If two sentences have exactly the same meaning but no word in common, how do you make a machine understand that they mean the

Collaborating to Improve the Accuracy of Global Power Data

Accurate, complete data is crucial to gain greater insight on the energy sector. Kayrros uses advanced technologies, including satellite imagery and machine learning, to

Innovation for the long term: Kayrros celebrates its 2-year anniversary

Kayrros was founded two years ago on the vision of five individuals who wanted greater transparency in the traditionally opaque energy industry. Through their

Project GREEN Wins the Big Data Prize

Kayrros won the Concours Mondial d’Innovation Big Data Category on 26 March 2018, for the start-up company’s Generating Reliable Information for Energy and ENvironment