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When a catastrophe hits, time is of the essence. But for the right actions to be taken, and for the right resources to be

Inside Kayrros: Data Scientist Vincent Chabot talks NLP and the fast-paced tech core of the company

โ€œIf two sentences have exactly the same meaning but no word in common, how do you make a machine understand that they mean the

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Forget the cars. The real life-changing automation will happen in an area that most people take for granted: power plants. These industrial facilities generate

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Accurate, complete data is crucial to gain greater insight on the energy sector. Kayrros uses advanced technologies, including satellite imagery and machine learning, to

Can Machines Learn? Kayrros Explains AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) seems like the way of the future, a piece of a world invented by Philip K. Dick or Isaac Asimov and

When Oil and Gas Meet AI

The artificial intelligence revolution is changing the future, much like the industrial revolution before it. The current rate of AI development is captivating, cutting