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Design and implement effective climate

policies and solutions


Advances in remote sensing are creating a virtuous circle of technological innovation, smarter regulations, improved operations, and climate-conscious investment.


On both sides of the Atlantic, monitoring technologies empower policymakers to design and enforce stronger climate safeguards, operators to meet new compliance requirements and investors to anticipate and leverage regulatory change.


Thanks to over USD 450 billion allocated to various decarbonization incentives and the introduction of a fee on methane emissions, the landmark Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) will have a profound effect on renewable energy development and methane reduction.


In the EU, legislators agreed to expand the EU Emission Trading System (EU ETS) by reducing allowances and expanding coverage to marine transport. The EU is also planning a Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism to combat carbon leakage, has banned imported deforestation, and will extend due diligence obligations to extended supply chains of companies operating in the EU.


Kayrros is uniquely positioned to provide transparency, monitoring and measurement using proprietary technology that has been built over the past seven years.



Methane Watch


Implement methane regulations efficiently and improve your GHG oversight and reporting with near-realtime methane super-emitter tracking


For Regulators

Vegetation Clearing

Maximize your operational efficiency by knowing the vegetation index around buildings and infrastructures exposed to fire risk


For Firefighters

Wildfire Risk Monitor

Measure more accurately the susceptibility to wildfire, reinforce prevention, prepare operations and monitor wildfire


For Public Sector / Firefighters



Leverage the Kayrros extensive asset measurement database to create your own proprietary AI models and data streams



Kayrros expertise can be tailored to your needs, to create the product that you are looking for.


Build your perfect dataset from the multitude of data sources, assets and models available with Kayrros.

Working together

Lean on our strong science & technology team to help you implement your solutions and answer to your inquiries.





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