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Assess and monitor physical climate risks


Kayrros provides the most accurate, verified, independent and up-to-date near-realtime measurements and modeling of physical climate risks.
With Kayrros risk models, firefighters bolster natural disaster prevention and response, insurers can better insure commercial and private properties, and investors can better manage their climate risk exposure.
Biomass and biodiversity can now be measured with unprecedented accuracy, recreating much-needed trust in Voluntary Carbon Markets.



Vegetation Clearing

Maximize your operational efficiency by knowing the vegetation index around buildings and infrastructures exposed to fire risk


For Firefighters

Vegetation Monitoring

Get a comprehensive view of your network to reduce operational risks by harnessing the power of satellite imagery


For Row Operators

Wildfire Risk Monitor

Measure more accurately the susceptibility to wildfire, reinforce prevention, prepare operations and monitor wildfire


For Public Sector / Firefighters

Forest Carbon Monitor

Evaluate the performance of climate action project with insightful data on nature-based solutions


For Project Developers

Wildfire Risk Monitor

Measure risk more accurately and reduce loss ratios with unique wildfire risk modeling, fire monitoring and damage assessment


For Insurance

Wildfire Risk Monitor

Measure wildfire risk more accurately to improve investment decisions and climate risk reporting


For Investors

Forestry Due Diligence

Gain peace of mind during your due diligence process thanks to independent measurements for a better value assessment of timberland properties


For Investors



Leverage the Kayrros extensive asset measurement database to create your own proprietary AI models and data streams



Kayrros tracks all assets potentially impacted by climate change: forestry, coast lines, cities, infrastructure…


Kayrros measures wildfire, flooding, drought and landslide risks and biomass and biodiversity losses


Working together

Lean on our strong science & technology team to help you implement your solutions and answer to your inquiries.





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Kayrros Webinar: Why the world needs independent monitoring of man-made methane emissions.

Why the world needs independent monitoring of man-made methane emissions – Kayrros Webinar

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