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Oil Prices Are Slow to Reflect U.S.-Iran Tensions

​The New York Times

January 8, 2020

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Kayrros predictive global energy analysis project recognized for technological innovation

Paris, November 20, 2019 - Kayrros, an advanced data analytics company, was recently awarded a €2.5 million grant by the European Innovation Council (EIC) for its Predictive Analysis on the Worldwide Energy Sector (PAWES) project after successfully completing the work program defined in the June 2018 phase 1 project grant.

The new award is part of a larger €177 million grant given to 96 small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) from 20 countries, with €0.5-2.5 million distributed to the selected companies.

The PAWES project is part of an initiative to expand the capabilities established by Kayrros in monitoring the global energy sector. These include identifying new data sources, increasing R&D activities, and recruiting top talent in data science and associated fields to deliver new products that will strengthen its sector expertise. Kayrros will continue to develop cutting-edge technologies including artificial intelligence, machine learning, and satellite imagery processing for greater transparency and insights on the global energy markets.

Kayrros was selected for its novel and unique approach in combining data analytics and machine learning with expert market knowledge. Kayrros data scientists and energy experts use innovative technologies to retrieve big data from multiple sources before unifying data formats and integrating them into a dedicated IT infrastructure. The data are then processed with proprietary models and machine-learning algorithms to uncover new intelligence on key global energy trends. The speed of work of Kayrros data retrieval, processing, and interpretation delivers information in near-realtime, ahead of publicly available sources.

“Kayrros is very proud to have the support of the European Commission to continue developing its advanced technologies. With the right combination of technological innovation and sector expertise, new, unconventional data are bringing an unprecedented understanding to energy market fundamentals. This is just the beginning,” said Kayrros President Antoine Rostand.

The EIC awards its SME grants to start-up companies with high growth potential or companies with the potential to attain a net worth of over one billion euros. The grants are designed to select, fund, and support start-ups as they grow and mature.

Kayrros is the leading advanced data analytics company that helps global energy market players make better investment decisions. Kayrros experts extract value from the integration of alternative and market data into unique product offerings across the energy chain. With more than 150 employees representing over 15 nationalities working from headquarters in Paris and offices in Houston, London, New York and Singapore, Kayrros delivers actionable information in near real-time using cutting-edge technologies. Kayrros solutions are rapidly scalable and continually expanded to new geographies and new sources of data that help provide greater transparency into energy markets worldwide.

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Dans vingt ans, le monde aura encore grand’soif de pétrole

Le Figaro

November 5, 2019

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Why Even Small Satellites Can Track Oil From Space

October 16, 2019
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Saudia Aramco’s oil stockpiles can cover lower output

September 20, 2019
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Saudi Arabia is dramatically changing its oil exports to China and the US

August 15, 2019
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Permian fracking activity sets new records with fewer people

​The Houston Chronicle
August 7, 2019
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U.S. frackers lagging in reporting costs, well activity: Analyst

August 2, 2019
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Global Oil Market Surprisingly Oversupplied

​Oil Price
June 19, 2019
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Ces 40 sociétés tech françaises les plus susceptibles d’entrer en Bourse

​Le Figaro
May 16, 2019
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IA et Big Data révolutionnent l’efficacité énergétique

​Les Echos
May 14, 2019
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Anadarko’s weak performance in US Permian made it a takeover target

April 30, 2019
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L’écosystème européen des startups du spatial en une carte

​La Tribune
April 25, 2019
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Les masters en data ouvrent un boulevard vers l’emploi

​Le Monde
January 28, 2019
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Oil up as US imposes sanctions on Iran, Tehran defiant

November 5, 2018
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Satellites, Big Data Help US Spy on Smugglers of Iranian Oil

The Wall Street Journal
November 1, 2018
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OPEC Signals No Rush to Increase Output

The ​New York Times
September 23, 2018
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Oil veterans’ new frontier

The Financial Times​
June 14, 2016
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