Our solutions

Our solutions

Our products help the different players in the energy and commodities trading sectors make better investment decisions. The data and insights we provide enable commodity players, equity investors and private equity firms to add alternative data sources and machine-learning perspectives to their analysis.

Commodity players

The Kayrros product range helps commodity players make better decisions by using radar imagery and advanced data processing to estimate global crude oil inventories by facility for the world’s major oil hubs.

We monitor activity in swing producing fields in OPEC countries, providing updates on the status of each field, an activity level indicator correlated with production, and bi-weekly production estimates ahead of OPEC reporting.
Kayrros also provides field status alerts to subscribers each time major changes in activity are detected in the monitored oilfield.

Available data includes a six-month machine-learning forecast of US Lower 48 production by state and by play, allowing users to anticipate trends in the major US producing regions.

Kayrros also provides users with granular forecasts and analyses of the demand for refined products in the US and in other countries. Machine-learning algorithms are used to predict future demand and analyse historical behaviour related to consumption.


Maximise forward margins and run-rates with access to information for better integrated planning.

Improve decision-making on how to supply customers in the most profitable ways, e.g. sourcing from stock, trading or production.


Commodity Traders
Gain a better understanding of refined product demand trends and seasonality.
See trade crack spreads and regional imbalances coming from shifts in worldwide demand patterns.

Get near real-time information about supply gluts and restarts of major swing producing fields.


Private Equity Firms

The Kayrros offering combines satellite imagery with multiple public data sources to analyse the performance of specific companies. Monitored KPIs include oil and gas production figures, well and field potential, and oilfield service activity such as wells drilled, water consumption and sand usage.


Understand market dynamics and the impact on companies’ hedging strategies and cash-flows.

Spot new opportunities backed up by factual traceable data.


Due Diligence
Reduce the cost and time spent on operational and commercial due diligence by:

Reviewing specific companies and assets based on satellite imagery.

Accessing public and private company benchmarks based on traceable performance.


Equity investors

Kayrros provides users with operational insight into US-based shale oil E&P public companies before information is reported in quarterly earnings or investor presentations. Kayrros combines machine-learning algorithms, advanced data processing techniques, such as deconvolution of production, and satellite imagery technology to identify a range of operational key performance indicators (KPIs) correlated with operators’ stock prices. Subscribers gain access to these KPIs and their relative importance for each company, including companies’ production splits by region.


Identify companies’ operational metrics with a stronger impact on stock prices.

Compare operational performance on specific oil plays for different operating companies.

Access companies’ metrics weeks ahead of disclosure of quarterly earnings.